Auras, angels, freedom, connection, synchronicity.

No photo can do this beautiful crystal justice.
Angel Aura Amethyst is created when Amethyst is bonded with gold & iridium in a permanent treatment; this cannot be washed off. Bathed in these metals, Amethyst is magnified to become the ultimate stone of peace & divinity.

The aura treatment offers additional stability, tenacity, strength, balance, & both emotional & physical sobriety. Angel Aura Amethyst empowers the Third Eye Chakra, boosting intuition, it also enhances psychic abilities & releases energy blockages within the aura & chakras. Its stunning colouring infuses your aura with the entire rainbow spectrum of light, working to heal & strengthen. It also aids in opening the Crown Chakra, deepening your connection to the Divine & your spirit guides.

We will pick the piece we are drawn to for you. Each crystal is Usui Reiki charged.