"The things we want out of life have a remarkable way of falling into place when we take our healing seriously"

-Yung Pueblo

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A deeply relaxing and therapeutic foot and lower leg pressure point massage. Based on the ancient Chinese theory that in a healthy body, energy is flowing freely – and if that energy becomes obstructed, then illness may result.

Reflexology works on the principle that the feet mirror the body. 


A truly holistic treatment to leave you lighter, happier and glowing. Combing the stress relieving and hydrating properties of a classic holistic facial, with energetic Reiki healing.

Double cleanse & tone using cruelty free products, face, neck and shoulder massage, lymphatic drainage, followed by Reiki healing focused on the Third eye, throat and heart chakras & an aura cleanse

Reiki Healing with crystal Chakra balancing
-Reiki enhances the body's natural healing, whilst re-energising, balancing and promoting overall physical & mental wellness. Crystals are placed on each chakra during the reiki session intensifying & speeding up the holistic healing process.


One of the most deep tissue treatments available, cupping works by removing stagnant blood & energy blockages.

Consider cupping if you seek relief from stress, pain, allergies, fatigue, flu, colds, back pain, anxiety, muscle aches, red itchy skin conditions or want to accelerate weight loss..

Although the marks look painful, they are not & most feel an immediate sense of relief & deep relaxation.


Every session includes a targeted massage to relax & soothe so that full benefit can be taken from the cupping.



Our signature treatment.
If you know, you know. 
This combination of energy healing removes deep stagnation, leaving you feeling refreshed and clearer.


Massage, cupping therapy, reiki, crystal and sound healing all in one session. 
Definitely our most popular and arguably most effective treatment on offer.

Please take time after this session to be alone with your thoughts, meditate and journal if possible.



Dreamy facial massage.
Following a double cleanse & tone, organic, cruelty free oils and balms are used to massage the face, neck, shoulders & upper back muscles. Eastern Gua Sha and cupping techniques reduce puffiness and redness.

Also includes a heavenly head + hair massage.

Upgrades available


Stress is the no.1 cause of illness. It's time to chill out and reset. 
A bespoke aromatherapy 

massage to release the muscles and heal the mind. The Chill Pill will help ease tension, anxiety and bring you to a deep state of relaxed healing.
Ritual oils also available to buy in the online shop



Ready to glow? 

Plant based 1000mg medicine hydrojelly mask for that glass skin look.
 Powerful antioxidants helping to lessen visible signs of aging, reduce redness and calm inflamed skin. Vitamins A, D & E as well as fatty acids like Omega 3, helping to give the skin a smoother texture and boost its health!

This Korean skincare inspired facial experience will leave your skin feeling hydrated, calmed and glowing.



Fashion meets healing.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the ear is a microsystem of your whole body with hundreds of acupressure points ready to transform body & mind. Ear seeds are tiny 24kt or Swarovski beads placed on one of your ear's acupressure points to treat everything from anxiety, insomnia, pain to emotional eating. Can be kept for up to 10 days. The quickest & easiest way for a treatment lasting a week. 

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