White Rabbit is a safe, nurturing space where everyone is invited to feel seen, heard & empowered. 

Founded by Suzanne in 2015, a move to redress her own mental health, balance & lack of fulfilment. 
She now finds joy guiding others to 'follow the white rabbit' on their own journey down the rabbit hole in search of self love, self acceptance & transformation.
The focus being your own innate capacity to heal, where balance has been lost, and how this balance can be re-established. 


Mother, student of Traditional East Asian Medicine & Taurean lover of cake, Suzanne Is the daughter of a Hare Krishna devotee & Psychic Medium, so it's clear to see where the seeds of alternative healing were planted.
Here, there is zero judgement. Here we fully embrace who we are, ALL the feelings and our shadow selves. Vulnerability heals.

"You Move differently when you realise you do not have to chase the light...because you are the light."

- Dr Key Hallmon