Cupping FAQ

a white skinned back with cupping marks


What is cupping?

Cupping is where plastic, glass or bamboo cups are applied to the skin using suction. (At White Rabbit, for ease of use we mostly use plastic cups.) This creates negative pressure on the connective tissue and muscle improving circulation and removing stagnation. Many say it literally feels like the bad is being sucked out.


Is it sore?

Cupping isn't sore but it does feel intense. You can feel a pinchy, pulling sensation for a few seconds before a rush of calm comes over your body. This is because cupping sedates nervous system and in these stressful, modern times, we all could do with that.


How long do the cupping marks last?

The light the mark, the fast it fades + some don't see any marks at all.
On average, most fade around 5-18 days post treatment. There is a theory that the longer the marks hang around, the weaker the immune system. The marks also do not hurt. They are not bruises. Sometimes the tissue under the mark can feel a little tight and tender, especially over lean areas. This is to be expected for any deep tissue treatment.
Fade them quicker by sweating, doing cardio, getting massages or soaking in pink or Epsom salt baths...but i think they look cool.


What are the benefits?

Cupping therapy works like magic for chronic pain, stiffness, injury rehab, stress, anxiety, detoxing and moving mucus in the body, especially in the lungs - just to list a few!


What is the aftercare?

Rest, Netflix + naps. 
No caffeine, smoking or alcohol is advised.