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For those days, weeks or months when you feel vulnerable and not quite your strong, sassy self. 

-Black Tourmaline crystal grounds and guards our personal energy, repelling negative external forces and protecting the heart.
-Rosemary protects against negativity. Every witch has a Rosemary plant by their door.
-Eucalyptus is well known as a spiritually cleansing herb
-Lavender also provides spiritual protection
-Frankincense s known for its purification and is super powerful in removing negativity from the body, aura, psychic, and environment


When using this particular oil, visualise a veil or bubble of protection around you, you can also call in your guides and ancestors for love and protection. Use with intent and believe 100%, you are always protected. 


How To Use:


+ Use to anoint the crown chakra (Top of your head), wrists and neck

+ Use with candle magic for those that practice.

+ Use before a journey by applying somewhere inside your car or to wrists before a long train journey
+ Use on your temples or neck for headaches
+ Massage into the tummy in a clockwise motion for digestive discomfort. 

+ Place on the body as an attraction oil 
+ Apply to the soles of your feet before putting your socks on to keep you grounded 

+ Use on your magical tools to add power

+ Use during meditation


All oils are made with herbs, crystals and essential oils, that were Reiki charged on the Full Moon for added healing power.

All ingredients used are 100% vegan, 100% organic and 100% cruelty free.

When using, make it your everyday ritual to visualise. This oil is super powerful if you work with it.

Organic oils of, grapeseed, rosemary, peppermint, lavender, ylang ylang, frankincense, lemongrass, grapefruit, black tourmaline crystal, fresh rosemary herb, Reiki.

Small batch, made to order


To the pregnant Mamma's out there - while our essential oil blends are diluted and for external use only, it's always a good idea to consult with your doctor before using them.
For external use, keep out of reach of children and *pets.
Should any irritation occur, stop use and wash with soap and water.
*Essential oils can be extremely toxic to pets